More about me

I worked in the hospitality industry (primarily events management) for almost 10 years, and in that time I learnt about sales, marketing, planning, operations, revenue, human resources and team management. I worked in a number of hotels and venues, from small, independent, countryside hotels to iconic London locations, as well as a venue-finding agency, and I discovered an industry which was to capture my heart. 


I achieved a post-graduate diploma in intercultural communication in 2009, but my first degree was in drama and theatre arts; at the age of 17, all I wanted to do was study something which brought my love of words and reading to life. And it did. In between these two, I worked as a languages teacher, in the UK and abroad. 


Throughout school I had loved writing and language. I was constantly penning short stories, and I started studying French at age of nine. In my first year of senior school, I became fascinated with Latin and ancient Greek, so much so that I studied them through to A level. Being able to read and understand the complex works of Homer, Virgil, Herodotus, Tacitus and Sappho gave me such a huge sense of accomplishment, and cemented my passion for literature in all its guises.


I read to relax, and my taste in books is varied; depending on my mood, I can get stuck into a historical biography as easily as a romantic “chick lit” holiday read. Ideally, my dog will be snoring on my lap at the time, just to make a nice situation perfect. I also enjoy running; I don’t run far, really (no marathons or anything daft like that), but it keeps me fit and healthy.


I speak fluent Spanish, can hold a reasonable conversation in French and can just about order a coffee in Portuguese. I tried learning Japanese, but admitted defeat with that one. I admire anyone who has been able to master this tricky language.


I have been fortunate enough to visit quite a few countries of our beautiful planet, and would rate the Kintamani Batur volcano in Bali as one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. Closely followed by Blackpool Tower, of course.


Finally, I am teaching myself to write well again. As a child, I had the most beautiful handwriting, but over the years it has declined considerably. I blame computers, of course. So, I now have a lovely fountain pen, in the hope of undergoing intensive retraining in this area!


So, that’s me, an ordinary person with an extraordinary love of the written word. The way language is constructed and presented truly matters to me, so whether editing or proofreading your work, I will devote my full attention to making sure your message is excellently presented.